The Theme Semester on “What Makes Life Worth Living” has been organized by:

    John Chamberlin                                            Chris Peterson
    Professor of Political Science                      Professor of Psychology
    and Public Policy                                             and Organizational Studies
    Director, Center for Ethcs in                         Director, Michigan Center for
    Public Life                                                         Positive Psychology

with a lot of assistance from:

    Rebecca Sestili, Center for Ethics in Public Life
    Maria Conrado, Center for Ethics in Public Life
    Danielle Thompson, Center for Ethics in Public Life
    Nansook Park, Associate Professor of Psychology
    Kathy Xydis, Michigan Center for Positive Psychology

and a Steering Committee consisting of:

    Larry Cressman
    Susan Doyle
    Tom Fricke
    Hank Greenspan
    Gary Krenz
    Nathan Martin
    Carol Tell
    Ralph Williams

Graphic design for the theme semester was provided by Hans Anderson of LSA.

Our webmaster is Sumit Gupta, a senior in the Ross School of Business.