Festifall 2010

Festifall 2010
Hundreds of students let us know What Makes Life Worth Living to them and entered our drawing for t-shirts. We’ll be at NorthFest on September 14. Come by to add your postcard to the others and win a WMLWL t-shirt.

Summer Term Kickoff to the Fall Term Theme Semester

Comprehensive Studies ProgramOn Saturday, July 31, the Comprehensive Studies Summer Bridge Program got the theme semester off to a terrific start with an evening devoted to poetry and “What Makes Life Worth Living?” The evening began with several videos of performance poets to get the group of more than 100 students to work creating their own collective poem about the theme. They divided into small groups that each produced a line for a poem. Groups were then randomly selected to read their line and to type them into the computer that displayed the work in progress. You can find their final product below.

Following this, three faculty teaching in the Bridge Program–Meg Noori, Pam Goodacre, and Kelly Allen—read poems they had written. They were followed by more than a dozen Bridge students who had volunteered to read their poems, which were met with an enthusiastic reception.

Thanks to Meg Noori, Pam Goodacre, Kelly Allen, and Charles Taylor for organizing the event, to all of the poets, and to the Bridge students who devoted a Saturday evening to getting the theme semester off to an inspiring and rollicking start.

What Makes Life Worth Living?

By The Bridge Class of 2010

Bridge Class

Accomplishing my goals is what makes life worth living.
You learn to live. You live to love. And you love to be happy.
Impacting others and indirectly the world.
What makes life worth living: the opportunity to make a change.
Family because they depend on us and we depend on them.
The ability to make an impact on others.
Chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon spice.
Coffee, tarragon, and Minnesota wild rice.
Every aspect of life that takes the pain away.
Dreams bring pain, God heals pain, Friends and Family make laughter.
Expressions and love. Loves, likes, and passions and fights. Those moments you can’t but look back at and smile at. Those OMG did you see your face moments! Money. Success. Knowing you’re the best…
People because they build the foundations for greatness and for failure.
Waking up in the morning feeling happy within yourself, with endless opportunities.
The future is tomorrow, what you do today impacts it.
Risk makes life worth living because whether you fail or succeed you learn and grow as an individual.
Loving and being loved makes life worth living.
The color blue makes life worth living. Blue skies lying up watching or flying high.
That passion for love laughter, and success makes life worth living.
Finding out what your purpose is.
The effect of music, the special people, that make us smile and cry, and leaving a legacy behind…Makes Life Worth Living.
Emotions, family, friends, purpose, love, knowledge and the power to create a new life makes life worth living.
Beautiful things and Beautiful People make life worth living.
“LIVING” makes life worth living; Faith makes life worthwhile.
Dreams give the light we need to keep ourselves in the right path, make our lives worth living.